Timber Scaffold

Timber scaffold (or timber frame scaffolding) is most often used during the early construction of a timber framed building when there is little or no solid structure to support the scaffolding. In essence, a free-standing structure needs to be constructed around the perimeter of the site, that can be worked on while the building develops from the ground floor up.

Safe and secure

Without any solid structure in the middle to support the surrounding frame, we must incorporate some clever techniques to anchor down the scaffolding and maximise its rigidity. It’s of paramount importance that this timber scaffold is incredibly safe and stable. Workers will need dedicated stations throughout the site to prepare and implement features of the new building as it grows. Depending on the complexity of the site, this can, of course, generate some interesting challenges; safe access, storage, and the completion of tasks that may need raised platforms, or large areas for heavy machinery.

Timber scaffold systems need to be thoroughly prepared and installed with the highest standards in mind. We’ve had the pleasure of working on some amazing new builds around the Hertfordshire area, that needed a solid timber scaffold to be erected very early in the construction process. They were of course very successful and remained in place for many months into the initial build phases.

Have a look at these recent projects below, which needed an expertly installed timber scaffold.

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