Event Stage

We’ve been called upon to erect many a temporary event stage over the last few years! Whether it’s a corporate event, a wedding or a local gig, there’s nothing like a solid outdoor event stage to make things really kick-off. Whatever the requirements, we can make sure you have an incredibly solid, safe and hardwearing event stage for your special occasion.

Once we’ve had a chat about the available space, and your needs for the event, we can come up with a highly competitive quote that covers the full setup, hire, and dismantling of the stage.

Stage Safety First

It should go without saying that we want everyone who uses the temporary event stage to be safe at all times. Not only is the overall stability of the structure a major concern, but we also consider the needs of your audience or guests, who may not be used to walking around on an event stage. We make sure that all scaffolding tubes are covered at the ends, so there are no sharp edges to rip clothes. The floorboards can be covered in a special non-slip mesh to help prevent any mishaps or falls. We’d also expect to make sure there’s no risk of falling, with safety bars and netting if needed. If there’s a specific need for wheelchair access this can of course be arranged, with gentle slopes and wide turning areas as required.

If there are advertising or promotional hoardings that need to feature on the structure, these can be arranged ahead of time and safely connected to the structure during installation to avoid any disturbance during the event.

If you have any questions about our stages or would like to receive a direct quote, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. You can give us a call on one of the numbers at the top of the site, or head over to our contact page to send us a direct message.